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Creating site models from dwg survey files should be easier




The automated way of converting 2d polys to 3d source data always misses some polys 

the other solution for this would be the manual way of adjusting.... however, the manual way of adjusting the 3d polys takes too much time for a large survey.



If there was a "reverse direction" and a "skip line" option, that would be great...

the reverse direction option would aid in the direction of assigning the elevations to the polys

the skip line option would let you toggle through every polys that have yet to be assigned elevatiosn so that you can assign the right elevation to the right poly.




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10 hours ago, Alan Woodwell said:



Simplest way is to trace the contours with a 3D polygon, select each contour line and add the Z co-ordinate to each one, select all then AEC / terrain / create site model and you you should have a model.



I know how to create a site model so maybe "hard" is not the best word to use. Perhaps utterly time consuming is the better word.

The manual way you described is a 3-4 step process for each polygon. Each survey that I have received is almost always about 100+ polygons.

If we go through the manual process for each polygon, that would equate to 300-400 steps that one would have to take and that's assuming that the person going through the process makes 0 mistake throughout going the 100+ polygon.


Considering the site is something that all architects and landscape architects have to do. Vectorworks should have a better automated process instead of the current one that is in place. I'm just suggesting an integration of a better automated process that would make the process faster and simpler.

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