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Rendering black and white drawings with textures


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Hello my vectorworks brothers and sisters,


I have quite a problem with producing some 2-d drawings with a desired effect:

I want to produce a flat b/w elevation with shadows. Rendering with open GL with colors turned off seems to achieve the results. However, the textures (siding) which IS the color turned off as well (first picture). How do i produce a b/w elevation with the texture but with the colors turned off?

I tried adding bump to the texture and having texture turned on in my background renders setting but to no avail, nothing shows up.


I tried adding "hidden line" as a foreground render but that produced a lot of unwanted lines. Needless to say, it's not working the way i want.

If someone can help me with this situation, it'd be greatly appreciated.




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Hello wingchudesign:


If you really want just black and white and not a grayscale (which I think you could get if you exported the image and set it to grayscale in an image editor), I think for this you might need to use the "Extract Images" menu.  This shows up if you right-click on the texture resource in the resource manager.  The images that the texture uses will be written out as JPEG and PNG files.  Then you could modify the siding images to be be more contrasty.  Then make a new siding using the modified images.  If you are using classes and/or style classes for the wall you can set the viewport class overrides to your b/w textures.

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