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Hello everyone, 


I'm still struggling with worksheet and improving my way to use them. I'm making a worksheet to list a bunch of rectangle in 3D (they are drawn in 3D in different working plane) to get their width and height. 

Since they are drawn in 3D, their shortest dimension is not necessarily their width and their longest dimension not necessarily the height (althout that's what I want to get). 


> So I thought that I could list all the rectangles in a worksheet in a database and ask their width and Height nevertheless, than I would compare the length with a IF...THEN... ELSE formula and get the actual "width" and "height" ... but it doesn't work. Actually I also tried the formula outside the database and didn't make it work. I've checked my syntax and can't see what is wrong? I eventually tried different option with space before and after commas, without space, with less or more brackets... 


could anyone give me a clue on where is my mistake? Many thanks for your help.



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I also tried replacing commas by semicolon... didn't work.

In the meantime I just replace the IF/THEN/ELSE with the max formula : =max(B4;C4). It works with semicolons...


... but I would still like to understand how to use correctly the IF/THEN/ELSE if someone sees my mistake. Thank you

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This is really quick off the top of my head, but try adding an addition set of parenthesis around the B4-C4. I think VW may be converting the C4<0 to a number and then subtracting that from B4.


Also, your formulas should be using row 5 not row 4.





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Sorry  : replying  to myself. It was the combination of bracket en semicolons that worked for me; this is the right sintax in my case : =IF(((B6-B5)<0); B5; B6)

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Thank you Pat : Yes indeed it was the parenthesis missing and then the semicolon + row 5

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