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Windows OS Pallets Scaling Across Monitors


I have a nice 4k Monitor I use as my main monitor.  I know windows is goofy with scaling, but curious how or if Vectorworks is working to work well with it.  I dock my OIP an Nav pallets on the right side of my workspace.  I have the resource manager currently floating in my workspace on my main 4k monitor.  I want to be able to drop it on the monitor to my right.  It is 1920x1080.  Anytime I do this it gets really strange in that it gets lost and shrinks and I can never find it again.  


Does anyone have any workaround for a way to do this or some thought on what a solution might be?

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This is a bug being tracked now. There are different bugs for Mac and Windows but honestly, I've seen very similar issues on both. Added this thread to VB-135003

The main problem is that Windows has separate DPI scales for 4K displays vs a 1080p display so that UI elements look similar. Vectorworks is only capable of scaling one way for the whole application, so elements can be too large, too small, or badly located/invisible when moved between differently scaled displays. This is not working as intended and is slated to be fixed, but I do not know when.

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It's not a solution for your issue, and won't be needed once VW solves this issue, but it may be something to consider for others when going for a multi-monitor setup.... if possible keep monitor resolutions close to each other (e.g. full HD and 1920x1200) or equal (e.g. 2 x 2K displays instead of one 4K and one Full HD) to prevent the issue from happening with other software as well.  This is one of the things where Windows is still behind the times a bit.

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