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Disabled WC Door (Doc M, ADA)



It would be great to have a standard door for use in disabled/accessible WC's. i.e. the UK Doc 'M' Standard (image of a typical Doc M wc below).




It is massively useful to have the hardware shown on this type of door, mainly the pull bar. Helpful for determining clear opening widths etc. even from early stages.




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This would be such a useful symbol - finding the door furniture available pretty limited, and it's time consuming to draw up compliant WCs.


If anyone knows the fastest way to do this or any plug in to help that would be great. A lot of Vectorworks symbols seem to be for the American market - wonder if there are plans to offer updates for UK based architects and designers, separate to the American versions, since we have different regulations to comply with?



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There are quite a lot of Ideal Standard symbols already in the VW libraries - the bath, basin + WC in the DocM image above for example - but not the grab rails etc. I spoke to Ideal Standard about this because it's all available (on their Blue Book website) in 2D but not in 3D but they said they couldn't offer it in 3D. This is quite annoying as I've been downloading their 2D symbols for years + just assumed it was all there in 3D as well but it's not.


Everything seems to be available in BIM RFA format but I couldn't face looking into that: I'd heard quite a lot of negative stuff about importing BIM files but perhaps I should have persevered? At any rate, I thought it would be quicker to just model the items I needed myself, based on the 2D files, so I made my own grab rail + shower seat symbols, which I'd be happy sharing if they're any use to you?



But yes I agree it would definitely be great if VW UK could persuade Ideal Standard to produce all this themselves + for there to be ready to use Doc M packs in the libraries.

If anyone has any advice/comments about importing BIM/RFA files that would be great


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Posted (edited)

@Tom W. thanks for your reply - useful to know that ideal offer this.


However it still involves a lot of extra steps for very early stage design, where really I would expect generic details which comply with the standards to be pretty much a tickbox exercise on the door symbol itself. i.e. an option for default door symbol of 'Doc M compliant' which then gives you all these items without having to hunt for them or load them in yourself..


Bare in mind we use these in literally every project we do (outside of small scale standard residential projects) so it comes up quite often!

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Thanks Tom W - kind of you to share your own 3D files - that would be great, if you don't mind. Assemblance, I'm also thinking something like what you're describing would be a revelation! I think it will just have to be a set of symbols that I spend a day putting together myself and keep in a Doc M file.

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