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Multi Texture Walls at Height

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Heya Team,


I'm hoping there is an easier solution than my current long winded workaround. I am currently drawing an exhibition space with 12 meter walls. There is multiple colours of wall is it goes, I was hoping for a way to tell a wall to be one renderworks texture from 0mm-2000mm another texture 2000mm-5000mm and one from 5000mm and up. I currently have to duplicate all of the walls and stack them to get this effect. Is there a non Architect answer to doing this? Thanks so much!


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1 You could create 1 Render works texture in photoshop with the desired heights/textures and apply. this to the wall.


2 You could create a wallstyle with components. These components you could give a specific height and texture and only a width of 1mm. In plan you can turn these components off  so the don't mess up your plan. 

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Is there any way to make the 1000 mm bands stay the same size even if the height of the wall changes?  One of the problems with wall components (at least as I've been able to determine) is that they appear to function via offsets, which is rather odd and not especially architectural/construction minded.   Most people (who are not computer programmers)  build walls from the ground up, not the top down. Unfortunately, you can't create a bottom offset with a negative number (i.e positive value).    


I'd like wall components to be able to be consistent rather than contingent on the top height of the wall.  For example, I'd like to set a 40" (1000mm)  band of tile around my bathroom.  I'd like to control the elevations of each element from the bottom of the wall,  or some other consistent control point.  Maybe a universal global model elevation system.   I shouldn't have to do math to determine offsets if the heights of my walls are not consistent or if they change over time.  Ideally, the top of the wall offset should not define the height of the component material, unless you want it to.


Sure you probably can do this via levels or stories or whatever we're now calling this super confusing function. Instead, this should all happen per the wall object/ wall style.  

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Here's one more way using the "Lines 2" option in the Tile shader of the texture. Note that there is limited control over the size of the stripes, but it might be workable for some cases.




Set Color to Tiles

Set the Size as needed



Edit the Tiles shader:

Set the Grout With and Bevel Width to zero

Set the colors as needed



Striped Wall.vwx

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