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Converting Roof to Solid ?

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In VW 10 I often have a roof that the roof tool

comes VERY CLOSE to being able to do -- but not

quite. There's always an odd angled edge that

needs to be clipped off, or an elliptical hole

that needs to be punched through.

If the "roof" which the roof tool produces were

a solid instead of a ( PIO ' d ? ) group of surfaces, it would be easy to modify the roof

with boolean commands ( "subtract solids" , etc.)

But -- I can't figure out any way to convert a

"roof" to a solid. So I end up drawing a lot

of roofs out the long way -- which is a pain -- and which is what the roof tool was meant to avoid.

Is there some way to convert a VW "roof-tool-produced roof" to a solid?

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You can edit a roof to get to the roof faces. Any 2d object you draw in the edit mode will be cut out of the roof.

There is no need to do a clip surface or solid subtraction.

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I take it then, Katie, that the answer is "NO".

Working with roof surfaces, as opposed to a solid

roof, is often very inconvenient. The method you descibed above works well only if the roof penetration is very simple. But for slightly more complicated roof penetrations, it doesn't help. For example:

Say a skylight penetrates the roof with splayed reveals -- the hole is 2' x 2' at the roof top

surface, 3'8" x 4' at the ceiling below, the

reveals at varying angles.

If the roof is a "solid", you just build the

skylight "hole" and subtract it from the roof.


But... if you have to deal with a roof "surface",

then you have to cut a hole in the top roof surface, a different hole in the bottom roof surface, and then draw 3D polygons to build

up each reveal. That's a lot more work.

So... I repeat ... is there anyway to convert

a roof object to a 3D solid? For that matter,

is there some way in general to convert a closed set of surfaces to a 3D solid (similar to the way that lines/curves can be converted to surfaces)?

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After you create the roof face object, go to the model menu and select convert to 3d polys. Edit the group and you'll have a series of 3d polys that you can then add and subtract solids from.

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Roof (no Roof face)... Now. you can edit it on more way.

- Edit Group command for make a hole by creat 2D polygon overlap a roof plan

- Click at Vertex(Point) for edit angle, parameter, and type roof

- Edit command in context menu (double click) for edit source (base roof)... "not sure"

- Ungroup command for convert to roof faces

- insert a window symbol for make a skylight or a roof window

- ... i don't know

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Originally posted by Katie:

You can edit a roof to get to the roof faces. Any 2d object you draw in the edit mode will be cut out of the roof.

There is no need to do a clip surface or solid subtraction.

Thank you NNA! I don't know what version this feature was introduced, but it is so nice. No more ungrouping, no more clip surface, etc. Just draw your polygon and exit. WOW!

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