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2 requests for the render and view mode in the preview pane of the resource browser



I have 2 requests for the render and view mode in the preview pane of the resource browser:


  1.  Please allow us to change the view and render mode when the file in the library isn't opened/activated. When not active, these 2 functions are grayed out:

    These buttons are enabled when the file is opened and i's the active file:

    Is it possible to enable them when the file isn't opened?
  2. Let the system remember the chosen render and view mode when the selection changes:
    The third symbol is selected and I've changed the view mode to right iso:
    When I select another symbol, the view mode is the default again:
    Wouldn't it be better if it remembered the last view & render mode? This would mean that you have one preference for all you symbols.
    Or is the vision of VW that every symbol has his own view preference? If this is the case, could you allow us to change the view & render mode of multiple symbols at once? Not possible atm, the symbols are grayed out again when we have multiple symbols selected:



Thank you!



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Hello still no news since 2018 ? 

I d like to be able ine the preview pane to choose what I see : 2d; 3d, wireframe, opgl ... As in an open document ..



Resource Manager: Resource preview pane

The top panel of the pane displays a high-resolution preview of the selected resource. For symbols and plug-in objects in an open file, you can adjust the standard view for the object and render mode (Wireframe, OpenGL, or Hidden Line)


Thanks :)

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