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worksheet : wall component class

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Hello everyone,


I'm trying to do a worksheet that would list all my wall component, give their name, and class.

I'm attaching the image of what it looks like. I manage well to get the component name and area. Then I'm trying to get the class of each component but I do not know what syntax to use.

I'm using this formula  = COMPCLASSBYNAME('MR42_AT2-XVD4') but it doesn't work. Also I would like not to enter manually the name of the component, but get it from the previous cell which formula is =COMPONENTNAME(1).... so I tried =COMPCLASSBYNAME('COMPONENTNAME(1)')... an =COMPCLASSBYNAME(COMPONENTNAME(1)) But it did not worked.

Does any body knows what formula I should use?



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The following works for 2018:


In the header row in brackets, point to the header row that lists the component names, I think row 5 in your schedule. A sample file attached (2018).




This thread might be helpful to you, too:






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@JMR T this works as well in VW2017. Thank you !  I actually tried that at first but it didn't work because I was not bracketting the header row but the database row... and I didn't realized

@ Taavilooke : Yes I was reading your thread, It's a very nice schedule and it made me want to put some effort in learning how to script.

For the moment I'm  trying to do some kind of house keeping worksheet of my walls  to list all the component and their classes and be able to control the wall library : check if all the walls, all the walls components have the right name, are in the right classes etc...   I was hoping that those information could be bidirectional (2 ways) as for the door schedule for exemple where it is possible to correct the dimensions and parameters directly in the worksheet. Alas the information are grayed and cannot be updated from the worksheet.

What I also would like to be able to list is all the bounding (top and bottom) of the wall and the wall omponents : so to be able to check if walls in 3D are correctly binding to the adequate story levels. Ultimately I want to see what I should actually mesure from the 3D model and try to build a worksheet. Thak you for your help.

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