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Cinema 4d Textures

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Hello All.

Just starting toying around with Cinema 4D, and I must say that after using Renderworks it has been much more difficult to learn.

Does anyone know if there is a folder for building supplies that is equivalent to the texture library in Renderworks? I see a folder in Cinema 4D under .Mat and then "basics" which provides some basic textures. Am I missing something or possibly a library of sometype.


Chris Muraglia

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There are two types of libraries included in the installation of Cinema 4D. You can find both of them in the Mat-directory. The basic one is, well, basic, and of no use for architectural visualisations. The other one's in the SLA-directory, and makes use of only internally generated and controled shaders (formerly known as the SLA plugin - smells like almonds - but nowadays included in the base package). Although the SLA types are very good, they're of no real direct use either (for arch. viz., that is).

The VW-C4D plugin CD contains a bunch of directly applicable material presets for buildings and their surroudings (including earth, skies, slates and so on).

If you don't have that CD (though you should when you decide using C4D professionally), you can always download free shaders. For starters, you could check Deepshade ( http://www.maxon-computer.com/deepshade ). There also a listing of free and commercially available textures on Maxon's site: http://www.maxoncomputer.com/resources_browse.asp?catID=4

On CGTalk (where you can meet a lot of professional C4D users) you can find a user-composed listing of possible material resources for C4D: http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?t=54657 - this is a more general listing for general use.

Keep in mind that although the material system is very different from what you know in RenderWorks, it is also much more powerfull, and in most cases, it doesn't take too much time to reproduce the RenderWorks material settings you're looking for with C4D's material system.

Good luck,


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Thanks BaRa,

I actually have this CD, and from your post I figured out that you have to migrate to various material folders to get them into the drawing. Thanks for the links too !


Chris Muraglia

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