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Changing font sends multiple events for selected plugin objects


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we have a plugin object and register it for IObjUpdateSupportContext to receive object states. (context->AcceptState(myUniversalName);)
Selecting this plugin object and then changing the font, font-style or font-size sends three events for this plugin object: ObjectState::kObjectChangedReset then ObjectState::kObjectExternalReset and again ObjectState::kObjectChangedReset. We would expect only one event instead of three.
Is there any reason why this action sends three events or are we doing something wrong?

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Typically they should follow a logically order of events.


kObjectExternalReset is called when an object reset is caused by another object.

I assume the first reset is yours. For some reason, an additional reset by something else in the background is causing the other events. Some actions can cause multiple events because sometimes we want to do something on a specific moment when an object is changing. It could be that modifying text does that.


I wouldn't worry to much about it unless you end up with unwanted behaviour.



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