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Jim Smith

Checking Activation?


VW 2018 seems to have any number of issues that make it the SLOWEST version ever to boot. Now I have noticed in the last couple of weeks this is further bogged down ( by two minutes!) by something at the bottom of the VW 2018 logo screen  that says : CHECKING ACTIVATION.


What is this and why is VW taking so long to boot? 

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Checking Activation is simply the process where Vectorworks connects to our servers to verify the license and that it hasn't expired or been used on multiple other machines.

However: The slowness you are seeing we are tracking actively as a bug, and even though "Checking Activation" is the phase it SAYS that is taking a long time, we have confirmed through a number of tests that this is not the case. We currently suspect it is an issue related to the Resource Manager caching system, but I do not know any further details. This significant increase in launch time is considered a bug and not expected behavior.

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Update: VB-147433 is the bug ID for this and it looks like it should be addressed in the upcoming SP3 for 2018. Apparently Vectorworks was ALWAYS rebuilding it's resource index instead of only rebuilding it when a change to the index was detected.

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Does VW preload any files other than its native format when checking?


when creating a library I have multiple files in the directories other than vector works for reference ( code related info) is that cached during startup I’d say I have a shared library? And if so, can it be ignored?


i knew it was the caching, I just thought it had too many files in there.

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