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Kevin C

Creating Sections that work with real wall constructions


I have now been using VW Architect since 2008. Each year I get told of the improvements to modelling and other enhancements which make my 'workflow' easier and that I should be able to produce construction drawings directly from the model.  I am afraid to say, that to my knowledge, VW is not able to create a working section drawing that can accurately reflect an opening within an external wall construction or even how a roof intersects with a wall without having to completely mask out the junction that VW creates an impose a 2D hand-drawn section over it.


The problem which I have is do I continue to accept that VW cannot do this, or are VW going to put their hands up, admit the software doesn't do what they say it does and get it fixed.  I have already mentioned in previous posts that Or do I start looking elsewhere for something that does work???



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@Kevin CHi, As an out of the box item i cant see it ever happening, if you want to have the model do the construction documents to the enth detail you have to draw to that level of detail in 3D and it will produce details at any position. But who is going to pay for you to sit down and draw to that level. We selectively draw details as needed and from a Detailed draftsmans point of view i see no point in modelling the construction down to the screw size and location on the complete model. I use the model to do the plans, elevations and base sections etc, But detailing i will work over the model section and draw it accurately.


Just my opinion.

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You have hit this right on the head - That is my point.  However VW openly advertises that it is designed to produce GA drawings (plans, sections and elevations that are accurate and suitable for purpose - without having do anything to the model - to a scale of 1:50.  It clearly cannot do this as at this level of detail we are expected to show doors and windows in the correct position within a wall, with a reveal etc.  I have always said that VW (or any of the other design tools out there) will never be able to do this.  I am just sick and tired of every year getting told of product enhancements that are going to improve my productivity - The door and window tools are probably the poorest and most problematic plug-ins that VW has.


I have no issues with drawing full scale details (1:5  / 1:10) and referencing them and attaching full specifications etc.


It would just be nice for VW (as don't get me wrong, it is a very good piece of software) to admit what it can and cannot do.


Some examples:

  • Inserting Door and Window using styles - Works great until you start adding components on to the walls, its then fails miserably when you try and make any changes (everything resets to default)
  • Drawing roads - Works great until you have a corner or a bend, or perish the thought, change the road type to a shared surface then back to a normal road.  You should be able to simply draw a polygon and convert to a road (with the road widths varying to suit what you want) and being able to add pavements / cycle paths / service strips etc. as and when you want.  Currently, I have to draw all of my site layouts as simple lines with hatches in 2D and not even think about using a site model.
  • Don't get me started on roofs - good for sketching, but nothing more.

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