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Recalculate worksheet command without clicking on worksheet?


Hi All,

Is there a way to recalculate worksheets without actually having to select a worksheet and right-click to choose recalculate? I've searched for the command in the workspace editor with no luck.


Thanks, Scott

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As far as I know there's no built in command. You can write a script to do it though. I've got one to recalculate all worksheets in a file, but you could modify it to do just one specific instance by name. Vectorscript below. I set it up as a Plugin so I could make it a custom menu item. I borrowed and adapted this from someone else's work, so it's possible it could be simplified. Hope this helps.




{Recalculate all worksheets in file}
Procedure WSrecalc;

foundObject: handle;
objname :String;
i, n : integer;
OK : boolean;

function DoRecalc (h : handle) : Boolean;


	For i := 1 to n do begin
		foundObject := GETOBJECT(NAMELIST(I));
		If GETTYPE(foundObject) = 18 Then ok := DoRecalc(foundObject);
Run (WSrecalc);



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