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exporting point data to AutoCADD

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I am using Vectorworks Landmark 2017 and need to export my drawing with point data to a AutoCADD user.  I have tried and the autocadd user says there is no coordinate data?  How can I send it such that there are coordinates associated with the points.  Is there any way to convert points back to an ASCII File?

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How did you create your point data? Loci, other?
You can list the XYZ coordinates in a worksheet provided the points have e.g. records attached that provide some ID to list the coordinates and then you can export the worksheet with the XYZ info.


AutoCAD has visibility settings for points, so even if the points export properly into DWG if the settings are such that they're not shown then I can imagine the AutoCAD user may think there is nothing in the drawing.


Could you share a small sample file and your exported dwg file from that small sample file so that we can have a look at it?

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Coordinate data are available after the file is exported to DWG. Points are also created during the export, but they are not visible. You have loci inside the Vectorworks document, which are always exported as invisible points. In order to make the point visible inside AutoCAD, Acad users need to change the value of the system variable PDMODE. I am attaching a picture with the possible values.




Alternatively, you might want to import the initial data from the DXF file using another import option for the points - use Import Points as Symbols.




After import you could edit the symdef to adjust the "point" size or graphics. Then you can export to DWG and the Acad user will not need to do anything in order to see both coordinates and point location (points will be presented as Block References).




Hope this helps,


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Nina already showed you how to solve the issue, and I would recommend using her suggestion of importing points as symbols. The benefit is that information stays connected to the point and you can update the symbol to show something more usable than a cross-hair if needed.


One exception may be if you need to generate a DTM from the locus points, assuming the locus points also have a z-value. Then I'd keep them as locus points. If you also need to show them as coordinate markers then you could still do another import and then import the points as symbols for the reason mentioned above.

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Thank you for the help.  Unfortunately I lost the original DXF information due to loss of a disc (my bad!).  But i forwarded the information to the person who is running the Autocad end of this.





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