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Keyboard shortcuts for specific snaps?


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I converted from AutoCad several years ago, but am self-taught.


One feature from ACAD that I desperately miss is the ability to specify a snap, such as Perpendicular, Endpoint, or Intersection.


I see posts about keyboard shortcuts for groups of snaps (constraints, object, etc.) but nothing that allows me to say "Vectorworks! Snap ONLY to the perpendicular"


Suggestions appreciated!


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You can assign hotkeys to the 8 different "types" of snaps as seen in the snap palette. The defaults are A, S, D, F, Q, W, E, & R, but this can be customized under Tools<Workspaces<Edit Current Workspace.


As mentioned above, if you double click some of the buttons in the Snap Palette (or double-hit the corresponding hotkey), you'll get a pop-up where you can specify additional settings for each type of snap, such as turning on and off things like End Point, Mid Point, Insertion Points, etc.


However, you can't add hotkeys to any of these subsettings, only for the 8 different main types of snaps.



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Thanks to all for the assistance! I will check out the suggestions. It seems, however, that I can't assign a shortcut to a subsetting such as "end point" or "perpendicular." I can turn various subsets offand on through double-clicking, but there doesn't appear to be a direct shortcut key for these very specific snaps. Or am I missing something?

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Not simply.


You could write a PlugIn Menu Command that you could add to your workspace and give a keyboard shortcut to.


The script could be pretty easy. For End Points it would be:


SetPref(1027, Not GetPref(1027);


The other available codes are located in the Vectorscript Function Reference, in the SmartCursor/Apperance section. It is available online at http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:Function_Reference_Appendix


Ask again if you need help to get this working.



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As the OP suggested, I'm also a recent migrant from the land of AutoCAD, and the snapping feature that I am currently longing for is the SNAPS ON / SNAPS OFF toggle (F3 in acad speak).


Basically I'm happy with the set up of the 8 snaps, but I would like a single keystroke to toggle the snaps on and off quickly.  Similar to what is achieved by holding down the 

Suspend Snapping ‘ (back quote), but as a toggle rather than having to hold the key down.


Can anybody suggest a simple way of achieving this?

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