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helidon doesn't really change class



check it?

I can change Heliodon to a different class and it looks like it does.... but I'm having issues making it appear with class visibility settings in a view port...


I've narrowed this down to even though I select the heliodon and it shows as the class I want in the ObjectInfoPallet... in the visual resource pallet the helidon reports as still belonging to the original class it was placed with. 


A quick work around is to activate the class I want the heliodon on and place a new one... can't seem to "really" change the class on ones placed. See attached file and open the Visualization-Lights pallet to confirm...heliodon bug.vwx


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@JimW Thanks for opening this thread, I was struggling wondering why light/shadows were off on a SLVP, being the heliodon and its class apparently on and fine. Looks like the class shown in the OIP is different than the one shown in the visualisation palette, being the latter the real one.

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