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VW Memory Cap in Windows? Is this a thing?


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Curious more than anything here.  I have 32GB of ram installed on the machine I'm using.  I am using roughly 58% of my physical memory.  I have VW running, I have outlook, chrome, acrobat, nothing else that is a crazy resource sucker.  However, the VW file I am working in is very beefy.  I am trying to be sure I am maximizing my machines performance ability for working in this.  I feel as though more memory allocation to VW would be helpful, but I am finding that my memory is flatlining at 58% usage and at basically 12.8GB allocated to VW.  


Is there something between VW and Windows that caps the amount of memory that can be allocated to VW?  I am actually wanting VW to be able to use more ram as weird as that might sound.




Resource Monitor Memory.PNG

Task Manager Memory.PNG

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Not that I am aware of, but I'll ask. I have a machine here with 24GB of RAM that I know I've gone over 20GB RAM usage in some very large renders/panos, however that would be Cinerender usage which caps out at a much higher value, something over 128GB.

For Vectorworks itself, I've seen users with VERY large files hit upwards of 30GB RAM usage, but I'll load up some big files on my windows machine and see how it behaves. That solid flat usage shown in your screenshot does seem a bit odd.


EDIT: Well, in a quick test here on a machine with 16GB of RAM, I was able to use 15.8GB in Vectorworks by duplicating a building in an array of 10x10. I'll try this again on a machine with more RAM and see if it halts at around 18.8 specifically like yours did, but this at least shows its not capped at a certain percentage of available RAM usage.

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