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Brick Coursing alignment question

Steven Swaby

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Having spent over an hour on this single issue and not finding a solution, can anyone else help. The gap between the white at teh bottom and the sand coloured texture at thee top is 225mm, three courses of brick exactly. And the blue bricks are exactly the right size 65mm high with 10mm mortar gap. But no matter what we try we cannot make the texture align with the bottom of the wall.  We are using the VW18 inbuilt Shader  'Bricks' rather than an image.

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Try selecting the wall and under the Render tab in the Object Info Palette select Use World Z For Origin


I'm having problems with this sort of thing too, including the surface hatches not matching the texture position. Use World Z For Origin resolved these problems for me with the exception of Section Viewport renders.

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For me texturing like this works well by "Perimeter" and "Z" setting for most objects.

(Which means just common standard "Cubic" projection mapping found elsewhere)

I do all by Classes and by Components.

The Problem is that you can't access Perimeter from Walls, nor from its Components.

But at some point I managed to make a component texturing behave like expected but

always forgot how I did that when I need it the next time.


The other issue I ran with Brick Shader that I wasn't able to get it to scale.

Already noticed that when trying to create a 3D Hatch in Material.

That was by forgetting that it is needed to add the Grout Width to the Brick

Width and Brick with is not the Axis Dimension (or vice versa)



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