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António da Cunha

Watched Webinar, closed during Q&A, no email of completion.

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Yesterday I watched the Webinar "Irrigation design in vectorworks landmark" until the end, but during the Q&A the time was already about 10 minutes past the determined 1 hour length, hence making me late for another appointment. So I had to close it. I still got a questionnaire about my satisfaction but this morning I noticed that I didn't received the usual mail stating that I was there plus the Email with the Certificate.


This means I've to let the Webinar run until the its last second, even though the time is far more than what was previous determined so I can get it done? Whats going on?


This also means that 1 hour length can be way more than that, making me stuck to this way longer than what was previously programmed, never being sure when it will end. I take time seriously and 1 hour is 1 hour. Not plus 15 or 20 minutes. I made a big effort to open this one hour in my schedule and watch this Webinar and had another important appointment right after that couldn't wait. If I close the program during Q&A I should still be able to get the Certification, I watched the full Webinar for the full 1 hour of duration that in reality was even more.

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Hi António, the email for LA CES PDH credits are normally send the following day. The probably received one today with: 


"I'm glad you could join Bryan Goff as he explored the innovative irrigation tools in Vectorworks® Landmark. You can now take the associated quiz to earn your LA CES PDH credit."


If you have not received this email by now please message me directly. 


As far as the length of our webinars those are 1hr in content but we do not limit the Q&A specially if we are having a great conversation. We typically run 10-20 minutes long because the number of people who enjoy the Q&A. You can still get your credit, but you need to take the quiz to receive the LA CES PDH. It’s not like AIA where as long as you attend the webinar you receive credit – The test is HERE. After completion you will receive the certificate.


In the future, we also offer these webinars o-demand with the option to get your credits - http://www.vectorworks.net/inspiration


Have a great weekend!



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