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Vectorworks to Archicad & vice-versa

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Starting a project (work in Archicad) with another group who work in Vectorworks. All the drawing will be in 2D and shared by converting to dwg's.


Two potential issues are:





The plan is to start with one set of plans say drawn on vectorworks and then converted to dwg's which will be shared with us who can then make alterations to send back, or receive updated files which we can import.


Is there a way of ensuring the origin is the same so we don't have to line up drawings using chimneys or the like. 


Secondly at the vectorworks end is there a guide or reference document to explain how to set up the vectorworks export dwg tool in such a way as the classes and layers are combined and information not lost between converting and then reimporting.

For example is it possible to export a file in VW to a dwg, and then import that dwg to VW and have an identical file without any loss of class/layer data?


I note a mapping option in the export menu and suspect this may be of use.


We are having a meeting tomorrow and hope to agree on a protocol which we will all use.


Thanks for any info in advance.

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for Origin line up...I start with a Skype screen share with the other cad person and pass a test file back and forth and see what the default Origin match up is..


then make a decision as to who or what needed to move...


have included a test cube located at origin to verify nothing has moved...also the test cube would be a standard size like 1mx1m or 10'x10' etc  this way you know it scaled in correctly.


also made a marker to locate the bldg to a particular coordinate point....Just set 2 of these and now your bldg can be pined to the site






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Something I think would be useful would be to have a sort of Dictionary for translating what things mean in both programs.

For example:  In ArchiCAD there is are Work Environment Profiles - in Vectorworks those appear to be called a Workspace.  Simple things like that would be easier to learn with some sort of equivalent chart.  

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