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Dynamic Record Values


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I've made some hybrid symbol objects; each object has multiple associated records.


There is--what I am considering--a "global record" which contains some global information for the object. In this case, I'm talking about a field that specifies the ID of the object.


I looked at the docs but couldn't find anything about calling the ID field value of the global record from within the other ID fields of the rest of the associated records for that object.


Here's some info about the records associated with TESTObject:


Record called "Global"

ID: [text]

EQUIP: [number, default 1]

POINT: [number, default 1]


Record called "SubComponent1"

GlobalID: [I want this field to call it's value from TESTObject's 'Global' record's 'ID' field]


--other fields--



Does anyone know if this is a feature of VectorWorks? I'm running the trial license right now, in case that's relevant.





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