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Focusing lights

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On 1/24/2018 at 9:45 AM, Marissa Farrell said:

You're correct on what the behavior should be, fixtures should export to vision in the same orientation as you sent them in.


Which version of Vision are you using?


I have the latest versions of VW and V running, and my conventionals still import in just kind of pointing at the stage...not necessarily where I have a focus point set (and the correct focus point referenced for the fixture in the OIP).  So, what am I missing?!




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Just an update on this thread.  My fixtures were still not focusing correctly in Vision to the points I set in VW.  Curtains don't have anything to do with my particular problem.  Now, if I right click on a fixture in VW, select "Focus Instruments" and select the FP, it WILL work in Vision.  I tried an experiment by typing directly into the OIP Focus field.  On another fixture, I left the OIP focus field empty and did the right click thing.  The first fixture wasn't focused anywhere and the second fixture was focused exactly where it was supposed to be.


Selecting each fixture and right clicking is kind of a pain in the ass.  Is this a bug cause I sure hope it isn't a feature.



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hey Pat, I ran some more tests today and there is definitely some weirdness in that file. (1) I just dropped in a leko, went to edit, and changed focus to the focus point I made. The geometry snapped towards the focus point in VW, then I sent to Vision, the leko is pointing exactly where it should be. 



(2)Next, I tried adding 2 lekos, one unfocused, the other I Just typed a capital "A" into the focus field and hit enter. Hitting Enter snapped the fixture towards A. When I sent to Vision I get one pointed upstage (just the default position), and the other pointing stage right (where my focus point is). 




Are you doing something different?

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Thanks Eddie!


The only thing I think I'm doing different *maybe*, is that sometimes when I enter the focus point in the OIP I just select the next fixture and don't hit enter.  Either way I do it the Focus point shows up in the OIP.  I'm going to try your experiment on my end.  


Thanks again,



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