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Can I create a 3D object from a CAD drawing in Vectorworks?

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This drawing is 2D? You can import the file to Vectorworks and create a 3D object from it. Be it a .jpg .pdf .dwg etc...


3D warehouse you mean SketchUp, right? SketchUp files can be used with Vectorworks and edited.


Side tip: I don't know if this changes with language versions, but in the German version Vectorworks 2018 can't read files form SketchUp 2018, so the SketchUp file must be saved as a SketchUp 2017 or below file version.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@ Steve,

Check out Extrude, Push/Pull, Automatic Push/Pull, Extrude Along Path.  Those will get you the larger "panel" objects.  You can further manipulate them with Fillet, Chamfer, etc. or the more "exotic" tool to deform shapes like Twist, Bend, Bulge.  Basically, start with a 2D rectangle and extrude it into 3D space...


Then check out how to apply textures if you need/want to render your casework.


Good luck have some fun!


Post back any questions...lots of talent here.



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