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Webinars, What are this Credits? What I do with them?

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Last week I registered myself to a Webinar and watched it Live. Afterwards I got an email with a "Certificate of Completion" also telling me that I earned 1 AIA LU credit. This week already register myself for another Webinar that is happening next Thursday.


1. What are this Credits (AIA LU, LA CES PDH...)? What do I do with them? I intend to watch more Webinars in the future. Do this credits have any use or are just personal tokens for us to save in our email box (or print the certificate)?


2. Should I be logged in with an account when I register to this Seminars over and over to keep some track / historical of what I've watched and how many Credits I collected? Until now I've been just filling the register questionnaire with my Info. Name, Company, email, Location, etc.


Thank you!


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These are all "Continuing Education Credits". Different professions in the US require that members do something every year to improve or keep up their skills. One way to do this is to attend a class and/or webinars.


AIA is the American Institute of Architects. I don't know the others off the top of my head, but I am pretty sure that LU and LA are Landscape Architects.


Unless you are a member of any of these groups, you do not need the credits. If you like them you can certainly print the certificates and hang them on the wall, but they will not do you any good. Even if you become a member these are yearly requirements, so a webinar you watched today will not have any value to meet 2019 requirements.


But just because you don't need the credits does not mean that the webinars are not useful for what you do.

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