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3D - From SketchUp to Vectorworks (newbie)


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On 1/24/2018 at 9:26 AM, phin said:

Hi all,


I've used Vectorworks for many years, but only to do 2D work (plans, sections, construction drawings etc.) and am pretty confident at it (at least the bits that I use!). I would like to start using it for 3D. At the moment I use SketchUp to create a model, then Photoshop for post-processing. I would probably stick to Photoshop for some work, but make use of much better rendering within VW.


I am hoping that there are people in the same position as me who have some advice, tips and resources to share, as I pretty much plan to teach myself, and would like this to be in as efficient a way as possible.


Are there things you always wished you knew? Have you found any amazing blog posts or tutorials? Are there libraries of textures or objects that you'd recommend?


All advice would be appreciated - I have a good project to learn on, and excited to get started!






Have skimmed through the thread (apologies if repeating anything):

If I was starting from scratch learning VW I would:

  • Set up VW drawing templates (including classes/ layers/ stories (if you need them for your work)/ wall styles/ text styles/ dim styles/ saved views)
  • Learn to use the wall tool windows and doors (once they're in, really easy to edit/ add detail)
  • Create 'symbols' for all repetetive objects/ assets (can start with basic 2d and add 3d as project develops) for easy editing at a later date
  • Use Powerful tools for editing/ controlling object classes/ properties : 'Visibility tool' & 'select similar'
  • Learn to 'extrude along path' (really easy once you get it and really helps in 3d views and creating elevations)
  • Use the 'create interior elevation viewports' to create room elevations
  • Keyboard shortcuts: (my current favourites, ctrl+shift+arrow keys to move objects by user defined distance, and ctrl+shift+R to rotate object 90 degrees)
  • When you get stuck, the solution is often really obvious (sometimes not so)! Either way, the VW Forum is an excellent resource!

Good luck!

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