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Curtain Wall Design


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So I'm designing a curtain wall that spans 2 floors and each have windows in them on 2 separate floors.  Is it ok to design the symbol as one plug in object as if it were a window spanning two floors or am I building this wrong altogether.  It seemed easier to just design it as one piece rather than design 2 separate systems that are slightly different one from the other.  Will I run into problems down the line when making my window schedule?  


When I used to draw it in 2D, the whole curtain wall system would be under a single "window type" that would be considered as one curtain wall with casements where indicated.  Maybe I'm overthinking this but I would love to get some feedback as to how some of you would handle designing a simple two story "storefront" system".



Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 5.49.20 PM.png

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you raise a very good question - and it seems like building it as one two story element would make sense.  However, if you build it floor-by-floor, you will be able to take advantage of global parameters for heights and levels in the 'Stories' interface.  Plus, if your two story curtain wall spans multiple floor levels, you will need some workarounds to have it show properly on the second floor if the curtain wall is modeled on the first floor. 

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I am interested in this too. I often have situations where building elements span multiple floors. 


Where these elements are identical on each floor, such as columns or structural walls, I model them floor by floor using symbols or design layer viewports so they can be edited efficiently as well as show up correctly in top/plan view for each floor.


i haven't found an efficient way to do it yet where theses elements change from floor level to floor level. Avaysee's curtain wall is a good example of that.


What do some of the more experienced vw users do?

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Has anyone figured out a best practice for this? Modeling the curtain wall independently on each story allows it to show up correctly on plan, but in a 3d view and on exterior elevations the top/bottom frames are doubled up.  My approach now would be to model it as a curtain wall that spans story layers then add a window that does not populate the schedule on the upper stories so the plan looks correct. 

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@Jim S. 

I've created that exact same window to a house design and i've used the window tool, (custom design) and then on the second floor i've added a door opening (opening only) to create the space in the wall.

WIth the custom tool you can select which panels you want to be openable don't forget is to make sure the width and the height are correct for the whole window before you go into custom so then you can design the panels with 3 columns and 4 rows (example) and then make sure you have the right sizes for the panels and design through there.


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