Duplicate Along Path (without Conversion to Nurbs Object)

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Greetings and Happy New Year to you all,


Has anyone figured out how to duplicate an object (locus,symbol) along a 2D path, be it a polyline, polygon?


Developing a plugin to take a symbol object and have it duplicate along the Plugins 2D path (this being a 2D poly path plugin object type).


Have tried the :

def vs.GetPointAndParameterOnNurbsCurveAtGivenLength(inNurbCurve, inPercentOfLength):
    return (BOOLEAN, p, outParam, outIndex)

by converting the 2D path to a nurbs object, running the calc, then copying the /out/ data to the 2D path poly. However just realised the convert to Nurbs command takes into account the orientation of the view. This makes it not feasible for a path-pio object.


Any ideas?




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You can change your view to 2D and reset it after you run that function.


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Why not use Python equivalent of


PointAlongPoly(h: HANDLE; dist: REAL; VAR ptX, ptY, ptZ: REAL; VAR tangentX, tangentY, tangentZ: REAL) : BOOLEAN;


Always a good idea to check file "VWPluginLibraryRoutines.p" in user plugins folder for non documented calls.


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