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door and window styles in resource browser

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Hi all,


This week I was working on a little renovation project.

I wanted to create a window and door style but couldn't find out how in the resource browser.

They don't seem to be available when clicking on 'new recourse'


Am I missing something?

And it is not possible to only show the door or window styles when searching for those?, see pic 2.







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A while ago I also noticed they aren't there and hinted the forum.

I think beside the other Styles, Doors and Windows are internally still labeled

as Symbols or "universal" PIO Styles.


And so far it looks like VW 2018 doesn't like these at all,

when created in VW 2017 and have been migrated.

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On the Italian Version (we use the “architect window/door tool), if you need to create a door style you can do it inside the tool’s dialog. Begin from a simple window or door and than search where you can save it like a symbol or something similar. So you will add your style on your file resources.


attention: i used often this styles. I noted that if you make several chang settings on the style, every time you will wait a liitle bit for effective changings on the scene. I readed that it’s a single core process : if you see that the file is “freezed” that’s because the changing is in progress. For example sometimes i needed to wait 3 minute for 5 windows-changing progress, all comes from a single  windows style. Exept the time, this is a very great instrument. Remember that you can lock/unlock what you need.

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Another vote for it being confusing to have Window Styles under 'symbols/plugin objects' in the resource browser.


If it's a 'style', and behaves in concept like other 'styles' then put it with the other styles.


If it doesn't behave like other styles don't call it a style.


It baffles me how decisions like this get made. It's like it's done to deliberately wind up users.

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On 1/19/2018 at 7:01 PM, Marissa Farrell said:

I usually create my window styles by inserting a window in the document and choosing "New Plug-in Style from Unstyled Plug in..." in the OIP style dropdown, then I edit the style resource (red symbol) from the Resource Manager.

Hi Marissa, I have created a new door style in the method you have suggested here. But when I try to edit the door style in the resource manager, it does not let me. More correctly I mean, it reverts back to original data after I have edited it and clicked OK. I am trying to edit a few of parameters in the data section. Please can you help? The door is not locked.


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