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printing weirdness

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I am having trouble printing to an hp 1220c , a just compleated drawing, rendered in final quality renderworks with several textures none of which is stock but all have been used previously ,printer set for normal the printed result is just a rectangle that looks to be the size of the print area bounding box ?? the drawing will print in wireframe with no difuculty and if I copy to a newly opened drawing set up with the same template it will print rendered untill I start changing views and or lighting . this is the first time this has happened and it repeated 3 times on the same drawing yesterday ..

anyone have any ideas (print driver is up to date )



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sorry about not responding sooner been out of the loop for a few days

yes after changing view angles ( in perspective ) and lighting (moving or changing light settings ) it will happen again I havn't figured out if it the view or lights yet



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