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Dockable Dialogue Possible instead of modal?

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All dialogs are modal and take focus. The only places you can present UI elements while the drawing has focus are the mode bar and object info. You can have a dialog refresh the drawing while it is open, though. 


What are you trying to accomplish?

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I think what he would like is what we have all be asking for is a non-modal dialog or full control of the MESSAGE box.  Unfortunately, the message box is not available whenever a dialog box is up, but even so  ...

I doubt that any non modal dialog box would ever be dockable, dragable, but not dockable.  That is pure speculation on my part.  I'm not sure what the engineers are capable of or the UI dictators would allow.

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I'd like to display a list of callouts that can be drag/dropped onto the current drawing, having the window being modal breaks that flow

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If you want drag/select and drop functionality then adapting the resources palette to your needs could be the focus.

Click/select then click/place would be a tool palette adaptation.

A callout is essentially an object; it can be wrapped into a plugin object for the former arrangement or a tool for the latter.

I'm not sure how the former is done but one only need to look at the column plugins to know that it's possible.

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