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3D Modeling & Light Objects

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I will confess that I'm not that efficient with light sources to the point where I can't get a custom source to show light in any rendering mode. I'm working on a project where we will be providing path lighting with small fixtures fit into new planters. I've modeled that planter to include the a standard "flood" and as you can see in the screen shot some of the are showing up while the same exact symbol suddenly stops rendering the light. Is there a limit to the number of light sources or some setting that I'm missing?


Any help will be greatly appreciated! 

missing lights.jpeg

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Marissa thanks. A limit of 8 seems kinda lame. Are there plans to up that number? When you say Renderworks you are indicating selecting one of the other rendering modes light Exterior Realist Fast or Final right? When I do that the emitted light still doesn't show up. What am I doing wrong?

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