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dxf cannot be imported to VW 2016

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That sounds like it could be a file system issue that somehow renders the file inaccesible, perhaps the dxf extension got linked to something by accident, but I am on Windows so can't help with that. Maybe Jim or another Mac user has some idea what this could be.

Could it be that the dxf file is in use by something else?

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9 minutes ago, RADavies said:

No Error message. I can see the files.  But the .dxf files appear grey and cannot be clicked or chosen

The files have the expected .dxf extension on them?

If so, if you drag/drop one of the DXF files into the drawing area of a new blank file, what happens?

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The dialog has the option to show both dxf and dwg, or dwg only, or dxf only, which is what I was referring to. See screenshot below. But by your reply that does not seem the issue. Do you have another program that should be able to import DXF files, if yes does it have the same issue of grey and non-selectable dxf files?



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7 minutes ago, RADavies said:

Yes, i have an AutoCad app on the ipad and that imported them oK

You would need to test it on your computer that also has VW installed, as it may be a file system or other system issue. You could try installing draftsight (or a trial version of Bricscad or Ares Commander) on your computer where you have the issue and then see if the problem with the dxf file still happens with that program. If not it is probably an issue with VW itself, if it does then it is probably an issue with the OS/file system.
You could also test with e.g. Illustrator if you have that on your machine.

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