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Different Worksheets not displaying the same data correctly

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Hi All,


I am having an issue with one worksheet not showing the correct data.

Here is my example:

Worksheet 1 (displays all items correctly), Lists all stage deck items, Purpose, Size, and Height

Worksheet 2 (does not display the data correctly), Quantity of Stage Decks needed, Size, and Height

Worksheet one gives me 19 objects, 18 4x8 decks and 1 4x4 deck

Worksheet two gives me 19 objects, 19 4x8 decks

The Criteria on both is set to Type is Stage Deck and all the cells are set to the some record data.

My workaround is to manually add the one missing item


I've tryed coping the data headers from one to the other and no change.


Thank you!

Workshhet Data Issue.PNG

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Can you post a file with everything but the stage decks and the worksheets stripped out?

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Not sure I'm seeing the problem.


Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place, but it looks like both worksheet reports are seeing 19 platforms.


[Worksheet 1 B6] = 19 = [Worksheet 2 B3]



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Thank you for looking at my file!


Yes both worksheets display 19 platforms. The problem is the individual platform counts.


Worksheet 1 (furniture) displays 4- 4x8 @2' and 15- 4x8 @ 3'

Worksheet 2 (staging) displays 1- 4x4 @ 2', 3- 4x8 @ 2', and 15- 4x8 @ 3'


If you look at the drawing worksheet 2 is correct. as far as i can see all the criteria are set the same. I tried copying the criteria from worksheet 2 to worksheet 1 and got the same wrong counting.



dcarr worksheet.vwx

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Edit the header for Worksheet 1 and turn on the Summarize check box for column C. You will then get 3:15:1 4x8/4x8/4x4.


You now need to Summarize each column individually to make sure you get the right information.

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