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Project sharing + dropbox crashing or can’t commit



I’m having an issue using project sharing with Dropbox and VW2018. It started out great but after a few days everyone started getting crashes or VW gives an error that the master file is in use whenever anyone tries to commit. We have 4 users working on the project all on OS X and working remotely. Currently all 4 working files have become islands unable to commit. Any ideas how I can get this working or what I’m doing wrong? 

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Not having used project sharing myself I would think this might be a sync issue between various computers and dropbox, especially if two people are trying to commit changes at the same time this could cause issues. What you could try is to have one person open the files when others are not and see if he/she can commit any changes and then repeat for all your colleagues who worked on that file one at a time, this to avoid simultaneous sync/commit conflicts. Hopefully someone is able to commit a change and make it get "unstuck" for the next person. Just a guess for a possible solution. Maybe others who have more experience with this setup can give a better advice.

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Can you import the layers and the objects in there into a new file? That way you could at least recreate files for each stuck version and then use that to combine the differences/updates into a single file again. It may not be ideal but unless someone else knows how to get it unstuck again it might be your best bet for now.

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