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Revit Import Not Working

Message added by PVA - Admin

Bug filed as VB-147455


I do a lot of restaurant work and importing Revit files of kitchen equipment in VW2017 has been really helpful. When I import that same files into VW2018, I get very poor results. Sometimes I get part of the model, or I get random objects and sometimes I get nothing. I've never gotten it to work.


I tried attaching a file but this forum doesn't accept RFA file types. So this is a webpage where you could download an example of an underbar refrigerator: http://truefoodservice.kclcad.com/Mobile/?search=TBB-24-60G-S-HC-LD.

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Just tested your Revit file as well as the one from the link imported as empty 2D symbols and records in VW2018 but imported fine in VW2017.
It is similar with your Revit file. The elements layer that is in VW2017 is missing in VW2018 so it seems that something is wrong with the VW2018 Revit import as the issue remains somewhat similar regardless of settings. I can see it importing objects and the outlines sort of show up but once the import is completed all it shows are several empty 2D symbols and some records.

I think you should submit this file to tech support with the VW2017 and VW2018 import results as well as the VW2018 Revit import settings along with it so that they can see the difference.

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It depends on where you are located and if you have VSS or not.

- If you have a VSS (Vectorworks Service Select) subscription then you should login to your VSS portal and use the support request option in there for priority support.

- If you don't have VSS and you are outside the US you probably should contact your local distributor first for support (If you have VSS they probably have a separate VSS support channel (e.g. different phone number) as well in addition to the VSS portal)

- At the bottom of these forum page are three columns with links, the middle column being for support. Either use the Tech Support Request link or the Bug Submit link depending on whether you think this is a plain support issue or a bug.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
1 minute ago, LeoJ said:

Anyone know why my vectorworks doesnt show the 'import revit...' option. Im on 2018 SP3

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 15.20.55.png

Are you using an Architect workspace or Fundamentals? (Tools > Workspaces)

I believe that Import Revit is exclusive to the Design Series modules of Vectorworks as well.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
3 minutes ago, LeoJ said:

@JimW Do you know why when I import a revit BIM object i cant see it on the page... I import, it loads and then just a blank page. These are the settings i chose:


Do you still not see it after importing and then immediately using View > Zoom > Fit to Objects when importing it into a new blank file? Nothing shows in the Resource Manager either?

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@Jim Wilson

It's been almost a year since I reported that the Revit import was broken in VW2018. It remains broken in VW2019. To import a Revit file, I need to open up VW2017, import Revit file, save it, then open it in VW2019. It works, but it is a hassle. 


Any chance that this will be fixed in an upcoming SP? 



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