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I wanted to create a new title block in 2018.  I used a default standard, "My Custom Title Block".  I made changes to the title block using "edit style" in the O.I.P.  The edited version of the custom tilted block is available in the document .  However,  when I open a new document and select my custom title block the revised version is not available?  I am only able to select the original default version.  I thought that if I made changes to the "style"  the changes would be saved to be used in other documents?  What am I missing.



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The Style is a document resource, so you can save a template with the desired Title Block Border style and it will be available any time you use the template.

You can also add that style resource to the defaults file located at:

/Users/YOURUSERNAME/Library/Application Support/Vectorworks/2018/Libraries/Object Styles/Title Block Border
/Applications/Vectorworks 2018/Libraries/Object Styles/Title Block Border

I believe, and then it should show whether you use a template or not.

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Better documentation would help.  After working with the title block for a few hours, I think the tool is fairly flexible - it is fairly easy to add custom fields to the title block, but this is not well documented.  Searching in help turns up outdated info, as far as I can tell.  The tool is apparently designed to link only to values in the Project Data record, which isn't accessible the way normal record fields are, but only through dialogue boxes in Settings, or the Custom field in the OIP.  Can't find the documentation for that, either.


It doesn't seem possible to arrange the order of fields so they show up in a logical order in the OIP - this would be a nice improvement.  The fields for Revision and Issue don't seem to be able to be modified, and the Issue set has "approved" as a required data field, which requires a workaround if that is not office practice (I don't know any office where this would be meaningful, but other than requiring users remembering this unneeded procedure it's a small annoyance.


on the plus side, the tool has a lot of well-executed custom options - one example is the Drawing Stamp function, with checkboxes and pulldown menus for options.

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