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Antoine D'Halluin

Prolyte Library (S52F / ST Towers)


Hello guys,


   does one of you have Prolyte S52F Library ? Is this trusses to be included in next release or service select library ?


  Same question for Prolyte ST Towers ; there is only one top part of the ST towers in the Prolyte => Accessories => Prolyte MPT => ST Tower (very surprising to put ST parts into the MPT Folder !!! makes no sense !! developper probably does not know what it is...). I need the full tower...


why an "MPT Tower" folder with inside, all the 30/40 truss bases ? no link with MPT towers... maybe a new adapted name would be easier to understand


thanks for your answers & update in next versions

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We release the libraries as Prolyte releases the information to us.  The S52F is scheduled for later this year, but it will depend on Prolyte getting us the data when they have promised to get it to us.  I did not develop the Prolyte libraries personally, but I have a feeling that they sent us that one top unit with the MPT geometry, hence it being in that file.  Our Spotlight Content developers are all have Theatrical/Event industry backgrounds and do know our business, but also rely on the manufacturer to supply us the data correctly.  if they do not, and we don't know that it should not be there, we put it where they gave it to us.

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