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Problem converting vw2016 plan to vw2018

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Hi All

I'm having a huge problem with converting my 2016 plan to 2018. The plan imports without error messages but will not display any of the 600+ fixtures. Strangely enough changing between  visibilities sometimes briefly displays the fixtures but the moment I try to do anything with the plan they disappear again. I've tried importing the file new several times inbetween updating the plan due to the current rebuild but it doesn't seem to help. It consistantly only displays the fixtures that were visible on the active view at the last save point, and then when I switch views (floor to roof or viceversa) it will not display the rest of the fixtures. I've checked the visibilities etc in the back ground and unless I am missing something fundamental I can't figure out what is wrong.

Any advice or help would be appriciated.


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If you place a few fixtures in a new blank file, do they also fail to display there?

What occurs if you go to Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > Display > Navigation Graphics and change it to Best Compatibility both in the sample new file and your converted file?

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Hi Jim


The tip with the navigation graphics seems to have fixed the problem. Thank you for the fast response, I'm just a bit shocked that I missed this.

Thanks again


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