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Site Model Glitch

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Hi all, 


I've attached a pdf showing my problem. The file consists of 2 retaining walls. I've created 2 retaining wall site modifiers and 1 pad modifier. For some reason, this weird piece at the edge of the lower retaining wall is sticking up. I can't figure out how to get it to go away, and look like the edge of the upper retaining wall. I've tried extending the site modifiers past the edge of the site model, extending the pad modifier so that it goes up under that wall, etc. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Retaining Walls.pdf



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Welcome to the Forum. It is generally helpful if you create a signature (in your profile) that tells us your OS and VW version, etc.


The issue you are having usually happens when Site Modifiers are located at (or very near) the edge of the Site Model. You can probably fix it by editing the Site Model data such that the Model extends beyond the edge of the project by some amount.


Let us know if you have more questions.

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Thanks for the suggestion. When I extend the site model (or pull the modifier off the edge of the model a bit) it makes it worse. Image attached. I'm just confused as to why it wouldn't look exactly like the top wall, which is how I want it. 

Retaining Walls 2.pdf

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I (or someone) would need to see your file to trouble shoot it. If small enough you could post it here and hopefully someone will have time to take a look. FWIW, I have also had problems with Retaining Walls and the auto generated Site Modifiers (Pads and Boundaries). I generally prefer to use Pads, etc to do the "grading" first, then add regular walls as needed. It takes a little longer but seems to afford more control.


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