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Extrusion with constrains (project tool)

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Hi! I have three questions:


  • I’d like to extrude a rectangle downward [YELLOW] til a certain surface (or volume) [RED] in marionette, constraining the extrusion to it, so if I move the surface, the extrusion will follow it. Basically I try to replicate the “project” tool in marionette.. the topic was already present more than 1 year ago but there was no answer to it (https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/43877-quotprojectquot-function-in-marionette/)
  • In addition to it, I’d like to extrude another aligned profile [BLUE] along the same surface (or volume) [RED]
  • As consequence, I’d like to constrain the previous extrusion [YELLOW] to the recent one [BLUE]. In this case, is it enough to constrain the yellow extrusion to the red surface minus the height of the blue profile, right?


In the attachment there are the starting point and the result.

The first extrusion is in yellow, the second in blue and the surface (or volume) in red.


I’m trying to achieve this using marionette, but I think it’s not enough. So I started to learn python but now I’m not so skilled to create a script like this. Can you help me with this?




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