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Softgoods Custom Texture - Match Height

Andy Broomell


I love that you can add a custom texture to the Softgoods tool. It would be awesome if there were an option to have the texture expand to match the HEIGHT of the curtain, rather than the current default WIDTH.


For example, I have a black drape texture that I like to use on curtains (its image allows it to tile horizontally, but not vertically). When I throw it onto a bunch of differently sized curtains it looks like this:




Because each curtain panel is a different width it tiles weirdly. If there were an option to "Match Height of Softgood" then it would tile beautifully on all the different curtains. :)


Note that the current workaround is to make a differently-sized texture for each height of curtain, assigning the appropriate texture to each different curtain, and turning off "Scale and Adjust Texture" - but this is clunky and doesn't allow for quick adjustments. Having one self-adjusting texture for everything would be ideal.


@C. Andrew Dunning

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2 hours ago, C. Andrew Dunning said:

Andy, your request makes perfect sense and, believe me, I've tried.  The calls simply haven't existed to allow that.  (Anyone reading this care to correct me, I'd GLADLY receive that...)



So its an engineering wish then :) I wish that the appropriate programming support be added to allow "fit to height" texturing.




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