I've looked through this thread and others linked to it and am a bit confused... I have a similar need to @Patrik Braun in that I want a worksheet that will list all the used/unused classes in a file along with their class descriptions. Such a schedule would be useful for cad management, standardising classes and a reference for people using a template files so they can review what classes are intending for.   The threads indicate that this is possible though I can't yet figure it out. Unfortunately I don't have the skills to edit vectorscript myself but there is a cool script by@Pat Stanfordthat creates a worksheet that lists all the classes - but not the class descriptions. I  can add an additional column to that worksheet with ="GetDescriptionText" in the database header row and this works however if additional classes are added or some deleted from the file then the worksheet doesn't update as it appears to me to be a list of classes at the time the worksheet was created. I can run Pat's script again to create another worksheet but I'd then need to re-edit it with additional columns to get the class descriptions etc.   Is it possible to have a worksheet that creates an update-able list of classes and descriptions? Is it a simple script that someone out there wants to take up as a challenge? :-)