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Robert Janiak

Video Screen bug

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43 minutes ago, BrandonSPP said:

@Robert Janiak


Could you send us your file so we can look at this issue?




I prepared test file again. I have the same bug. Top screen is a extruded rectangle with texture. Bottom screen is a Video Screen Plugin.

I attached zip included files:  .vwx .v3s texture folder and print screen image.


I used Send to Vision... command.


VW version 2018 SP2 (Build 401138) (64-Bit) PL

Vision version


If you need i can do more tests and send you at priv or mail.


Please give me info if you known this problem.


Video bug.zip

Zrzut ekranu (9).png

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please confirm if is a bug or my setup problem. Now, Vision is useless for me and I am very frustrating. Still photo rendering quality is awful. Vision please back to ESP Vision 2.3 quality. 

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Looks like this is a bug, I have sent it over to the engineers to have a closer look and confirm.  

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7 minutes ago, BrandonSPP said:

So we have confirmed this is a bug and the engineers are working on it. 

Thanx for info. 

By the way, screen has emision effect if video source is video file. If source is still image e.g .jpg screen is dark without emision shader. Please add still image as source file for screen.

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This bug is in VW 2018 SP2, not Vision 2018 SP2. We will try to figure out if this broke in a VW SP and why.


Fortunately, there is a fairly easy and straight forward work around. Simply don't assign video from VW until this bug is resolved or use an older VW releases.

I would recommend using VW 2018 SP2 to export your video screen with static images for the texture, such as color bars or the VW logo. This will bring the screen over as one mesh shape.

This mesh shape can have its video assigned once in Vision and things should work fine.


I wanted to get you an updated file that had only one mesh shape for the screen, but it's harder to remove a video file attached to a screen that I would have thought. We will discuss this internally and try to make that workflow easier. For this reason, I'd recommend you try to follow my steps above so you don't end up with multiple mesh shapes for your screen in your file.


That being said, if you don't mind the extra mesh shapes, I've attached a zip that contains an updated v3s with video working for all mesh shapes.


I hope your video screen issues are resolved for the mean time and that you enjoy the new features in Vision 2018 SP2!




Video bug.zip

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It should also be noted that changing the texture to x.cap from  PC: C:/Program Files/Common Files/Vectorworks 2018/textures/app/  or  /MacHD/Library/Application Support/Vectorworks 2017/textures/app/ on mac, initiates the capture device dialog - for those who are intending to use capture devices. 

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