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Soft Symbols for VW2018

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Hi there,


Anyone know if the Field Template "Soft Symbols" Enhanced for 2018 are available?  On the Field Template web site, when you go to order on-line, the page is blank.  On a side note, anyone know if the "Enhanced for 2017" will work with 2018?



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The Enhanced for 2017 will work, if you use the VW provided symbols you will get a conflict error for the Parts record since it was changed for 2018.  when the error message comes up, use the merge records option.

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Hi folks;


What Rob said! Sorry for the delay, but we've now got the entire 3.9 SoftSymbols series in the shopping cart for  all Vectorworks flavors, including 2018. This includes updates for Arri, Ayrton, Clay Paky, ETC, High End, Martin, Morpheus, Portman, PRG, Robe, Showline, and Vari*Lite. They all have the new improved 2018 Parts Record, and they all have the "special sauce" in the Fixture ID field, streamlining the workflow from Spotlight to Vision! Stop in and take a look; there are gif images showing all of the latest symbols, so you can see before you buy! https://www.fieldtemplate.com/SoftSymbols-39-Object-Libraries-and-a-SALE.html

oh yeah, there's also a Sale!

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