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Accidental revert to saved – or something more sinister?

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Within the latest week, newly created geometry has disappeared 3 or 4 times – usually 3-10 minutes worth of work.


It seems to follow some unfortunate accidental keystroke. Then there is a view change and whatever I have just been working on disappears from my drawing.


Instinctively I hit the undo shortcut and the the redo, but none of them work.


It seems as if the file has just reverted to the last saved copy.


But I did not knowingly initiate that command, nor is there any known shortcut, that could result in that event.


Has anyone else had a similar experience? Does anybody know, how this could happen?


It does make me fear for the integrity of my file – especially since backup files are notoriously unreliable for objects with complex histories.


I use VW2018 SP1

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Woah, this just happened to me.


I was in an active RW camera on my Design Layer (setting up a view for a rendering). I was using the third mode of the translate view tool to adjust the perspective amount. I didn't like the change so I hit Cmd+Z, and VW undid like 20 steps. Not sure whether it went back to a point at which I had saved or some other point. Thankfully only lost like 5 minutes of work.

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