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VS Access to the user created fields in the Lighting Device

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User creation of new OIP parameters is a unique feature of the "Lighting Device" PIO.  However...

It looks like VS cannot assign values to user created fields in the Lighting Device.  I created to new field, “Sam Field 1”  and “Sam Field 2”.  I then ran the following script, and it failed to assign the specified value.


PROCEDURE TestUserFieldAssignment;

    AssignVal : REAL;
    AssignStr : STRING;
    Fixture : HANDLE;
    Fixture := FSActLayer;
    AssignVal := 4359;
    AssignStr := Num2StrF(AssignVal);
    SetRField(Fixture, 'Lighting Device', 'Sam Field 2',AssignStr);

Is there a way for VS to assign values to user created fields in the Lighting Device?


Attached is an example file.


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