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List Explode - local variable 'rest' referenced before assignment


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Hey there,


i have a litte network to extrude a symbol  with more than one profile in different classes along a path.

To get that i used 'List Explode', but I have no idea how to fix the error below.


I attached the file.

- I used more than one 'control geometry' - otherwise i had a weired x/y offset of the EaP objects. -


Looking forward to your feedback.





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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee



Does the error persist? are you able to rerun the network/create a Marionette Object on subsequent attempts? I know there was an error in the code of that node that was fixed recently. When I tried your file, I got that error once but it didn't persist.


I can see from the network though that the Delete node attached to the List Explode node will be a problem - if there are no objects going through the wire to the Delete node, it will produce an error. Detaching the Delete node shouldn't change your network. If you do want to use a Delete node in the future, I would recommend the modified Delete node in the file I attached. (This modified Delete node is only a stopgap until the default one is changed.)









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Hi Sarah,


yes the error persists.

I use the german Version of VW (up to date), might this be the reason?

Thanks for the tip with the delete node. I was wondering why I once got an error message with a similar use of that node, but I have haven't seen that error for a while now. strange...


So since your involved ;D...

you might have a glue on how to delete the "unused" control geometry NURBS curves that are generated, it isn't that bad cause they don't export in ifc but when I convert the MO to a group I have several duplicates of the path (obvious).



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

In looking at your network again - you don't actually need the list explode node. You are performing the same operation on each of the objects so you can send the whole list into one Path Extrude node. I made some changes to your network based on this, including duplicating the curve for every element in that list and sending them to the same node.


Let me know if you have any questions. As a rule, I try not to repeat nodes when I don't need to, especially inputs.


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thanks a lot.

The problem with one single EaP node is that all objects get the same class, thats why I used the List Expolode node.

This is important because I'm working on a BIM Project right know where I deliver persistet information via the class name (data mapping is post VW).





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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I just checked the network I sent and I forgot to connect a node. It now works so that each extrude takes the class of the corresponding profile.


Essentially, each input is a list of objects or a list of classes, and it applies the class from the class list to the corresponding object in the object list, so you don't need a separate EAP node, you can use input lists of matching lengths.


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