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Access to fonts in 10.5

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Only the first 255 installed fonts are available to VW.

If you have a series of fonts that you'd like to use and are not currently displaying in the fonts list, it's because you have more than 255 fonts installed.

What you'll need to do is remove extra fonts from the fonts folder and then put them back in the fonts folder. This changes the order of creation in the fonts folder, which then forces VW to recognize the fonts you want and doesn't include ones you don't necessarily use in VectorWOrks.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I just got back from vacation, so I couldn't reply sooner. I think having access to a limited number of fonts is only the case when using the Text/Font menu. If you use the Format Text dialog, I think you can access all the fonts you have installed.

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You are indeed right. The only digger to this is that you can only change the font type for single selections of text. If I have more than one text block selected, I get an error. I have worked around this by downloading a freeware font editor and changing the name of the font so it will definately show up in the first 255 fonts. I am curious as to why this limitation is in place in the first place and does v11 fix it?


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I tried selecting more than one text block and I was able to change the font using the Format Text dialog in VW 10.5. You said you got an error when you tried to do that. Could you send me a file with multiple text blocks selected and tell me what to change on the Format Text dialog to see the error?

Also it seems that you can see more than 255 fonts on the Text Font menu, but there is no way to scroll, so you are limited to how many will fit on your screen. That is a limitation of the standard Windows menu code.

The big change for v11 is that when you select a text block, you can edit its font information on the OI palette shape pane.


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