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Braceworks grid function


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Vectorworks peeps, I am really liking the advancements in the Braceworks functionality, however I do have one suggestion for a feature that I would like several to chime in on.  I know when we put a truss and motor up, it calculates loads at the hook, but is there a feature in the works to be able to design a grid with points?  Or beams with distributed loads across lbs per ft?  I would like to create a layer with beams, and or hook ins in ballroom ceilings then know where I stand on a total ceiling load on the entire ceiling (I know I can just add it up, but just a suggestion) and loads on certain beams, hook ins, ribbon grids, fly rails, etc.  Is there anything in the works for this in addition to the ground support and bridle functions?  I do a LOT of work here in LV and end up designing far different rigging systems using the same exact set of points all the time.

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